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First Edition Norm T-Shirt

1 of 500

No Reprints....Ever

Be a part of fishing history

First Edition Norm Hoodie

1 of 500 exclusive first drop hoodies. With a minimalistic look and a bold amount of comfort, this hoodie will be something you do not want to pass up on.

3 Winners

You receive an entree for every dollar spent on, which increases your likelihood of getting pulled as one of 3 contenders.

Be apart of Fishingwithnorm´s Biggest Video

1 on 1 meetup with Fishingwithnorm, Yakpack, and Devyn for the ultimate 3v3 showdown. All expenses are covered.

Compete for $5000 Cash

Battle your favorite youtubers for the biggest prize in youtube-fishing history. One Lucky fisherman gets to walk home with the jackpot plus bragging rights.

The Fan Favorite

First ever hoodie released by Fishingwithnorm. Custom logo and back design detailed by Fishingwithnorm personally.

Ever since Norm saw the first print of this iconic t-shirt, he hasn't taken it off. Its safe to say that you won't find him wearing anything els in the future.